Saturday, 31 March 2012

This sort of view. That's more like it.

I'm not going to lie, the view I have is amazing. I've got to go explore tomorrow. I went to Takamatsu today to the Hyaku yen store to get some bargains, all of which I need to unpack, but the internet. I have the internet and the scariest/most modern phone I've ever touched/poked/seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! I'm on skype on both my phone and my laptop. How? How is that possible?!

I wish I knew. Yes there's the view from my bedroom window.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Overnight in Takamatsu

 So apparently I'm staying overnight in Takamatsu,

Here's the view from (sadly not my hotel room) the tallest building I could find:

It overlooks the harbour too and looks amazing.

It's 8pm now, I've skyped mum and dad, Tom and Louisa. What now? Today's been quite fun, starting out surrounded by familiar people (ALTs) and slowly but surely being wittled down by parting ways until it's just me at Takamatsu getting a cycled tour of the city. I've found my first supermarket and spent 1400 Yen on one bag of food, it seems expensive. I think it is, but how expensive, I can't really tell yet. Tomorrow, Shodoshima! I'm tempted to go out and explore the city, it's dark and I don't know where to head. Should I?! Maybe I'll talk to the lady at the desk downstairs first...unless William comes online...

Sunday, 25 March 2012


So I'm here. I'm in Japan. Right now I'm in "the main lodge" with all the guys and some of the girls in the orientation week. Yesterday included nomihorai (all you can drink for two hours) in the local restaurant, american football (which apparently has rules, but I'm not sure what they are) and an Sentou (an indoor version of Onsen, which is a public heated bath, where nudity is a given). All of the above were awesome. I was of course brilliant at american football, a complete natural, winning and all that jazz... oh no wait, no that's a lie. Training is starting for real tomorrow, I've got to do some work before hand, but we're all chatting and hanging out. I don't feel like working. Here's a photo from last night.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Last night in Swansea

Things to do this evening:

Make a sleeping bag look like a bed,
Empty rubbish,
Finish really quite late assignments
Check I've not forgotten anything,
Find a place for everything about Swansea in suitcase
Don't listen to "Lay all your love on me" any more, it's getting old!

I wonder how well I'll achieve any of the above. It's weird, but kind of fun feeling lots of unexpected emotions. I did cry earlier, saying goodbye to Tom, after a day on the beach (+ a little under my umbrella filming) and mum and dad came down for a meal and that was pretty sad too, but for some reason tears didn't come then. It's so lovely how great they both are with me :) Okay, no sentimentality. I really really should finish the grammar assignments. I've definitely spent more than an hour on it now, surely, but I suppose Tom was cutting my hair during most of that hour so I probably wasn't giving it my all.

Reading tomorrow.
Japan the next day.
Okay, don't panic Mr Mannering.

Oh and ta da I went to Gower before leaving:

Monday, 12 March 2012


I've been practising my Japanese. In my mind I sound like a Feudal Japanese Ninja Assassin. In reality... let's not. Is my voice that deep normally?!

Hajime-mashite - Pleased to meet you
Morgan desu - I'm Morgan
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu - Let's get along together


Here, the bane/love of my life.

It's getting there, but wow it's taking its sweet time. I've recorded every painstaking minute of the painting process and sped it up a 100 times, it's still pretty dull to watch. Maybe I'll share that treasure later. If you're lucky.

I've driven to more beaches in the last week than I think I've ever driven to. It's brilliant, Llangrannog, Penbryn, Borth/Ynys Las. Not been to three of those before and each one of them was pretty and Umbrella-ified. Now to bed. To rest robot like sentence construction. Night. Night.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day one

I've been addicted to quite a few things in my 24 years. Starcraft 1, knock-knock jokes, Starcraft 2, Magic, but now it is pretending to be Morgandore. I want to paint, I need to finish the painting of three cliffs bay before I go to Japan. I need to do a few other a little more pressing things too, like the assignments for Japan, but I'll do them tomorrow. It's always tomorrow, never "I did them today". 

So pretending to be a headmaster of Mogwarts on facebook. Well I thought knock knock jokes were bad. It's just so competitive and oh god those little red precious notifications. Like packets of drugs. Give me one! Okay, withdrawal symptoms might be kicking in. Perhaps I should answer that "Manisha messaged you" that keeps flashing in the other tab. I suppose she did create you. She's your Maker. It's time I spoke to her, and maybe I could check Mogwarts one more time... Sayonara.